Who is Susie Kroll?

She is a professional public speaker that specializes in educating and speaking about domestic violence, teen dating violence, and healthy relationships.

Why should you consider having Susie speak at your next training, keynote event, or school?

Susie has been a professional speaker since graduating from the University of Washington. She has spoken about many topics including business communication, organization, and various scientific topics. She has also taught seminars on how to be a confident public speaker. Her passion is teaching teens and adults about teen dating violence, its signs, and how to recognize trouble. She strives to have her audience learn about the differences between an unhealthy and healthy relationship. You should have her speak at your next event because she is energetic, knowledgeable, and engaging. You will learn and have fun doing it. Popular culture, teen perspectives, and survivor stories make the presentations emotional, thought-provoking, and real.

She is also a speaker for the Elite Speakers Bureau with Denise Brown, sister of the late Nicole Brown-Simpson.

Why is she an expert?

Susie has a masters degree in Counseling Psychology and currently provides mental health care and therapy for adults and children. She specializes in working with domestic violence and trauma survivors. Such traumas can include but are not limited to sexual assault, child abuse, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, and stalking.

What is her purpose?

Susie wants to educate teens and adults on the ins & outs of Teen Dating Violence. She wants people to know what it is, how to recognize the signs, know how to make great choices, and be in successful healthy relationships.

What does Susie’s speaking entail?

Susie is able to speak to all different audiences. She can do trainings for service providers, educational presentations to teens and tweens, and seminars for parents. She is also a great keynote speaker for any fundraiser. Each seminar or presentation can be tailored to the audience’s requirements and knowledge base.

Where does Susie speak?

Susie can speak at your next event no matter where it is. She can travel nationally.


Susie Kroll is a graduate of the University of Washington. She earned a BS in Zoology with a Marine Emphasis and a BA in Speech Communication. While she enjoyed the sciences, she found her true passion lay in public speaking and communications. Most recently Susie has spent her time speaking locally and nationally about Teen Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, and prevention.

Her father is a retired NCIS agent and her mother is a retired accountant. She grew up in a household learning a healthy respect for the law and right and wrong. Susie, like her father, wanted to help people, but the idea of being in the line of fire as a federal agent wasn’t too appealing. After much searching she found herself volunteering with Providence Hospital's Intervention Center. She responded to her five local ERs as an advocate for victims of rape/sexual assault, and child sexual abuse. While with the Intervention center, she also took calls on their 24-Hour support hotline. During her time with the Intervention Center, she began to see hints of Domestic Violence abuse in some of the patients.

Susie needed to learn all she could about it in order to best advocate for the victims. She began the training with her county's local domestic violence organization. After completion of that training, she volunteered in their confidential shelter. She also worked with children that have been secondary victims of domestic violence via support groups. After that, she found that while working with victims was rewarding, she knew there had to be a way to stop people from ever making it to a support group, shelter, or ER in the first place.

This is when she got involved with Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Violence Education and Prevention. Susie earned her Master’s in Arts degree in Counseling Psychology in 2014. Currently, Susie is a therapist working with adults and children at a community mental health agency in her home state of Washington. She specializes in working with victims and survivors of Domestic Violence, Teen Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, Child Abuse and other traumas.

Susie is a speaker for The Elite Speakers Bureau with Denise Brown. The best way to end Domestic Violence is to educate our teens and tweens about Teen Dating Violence and Healthy Relationships. You can contact her directly though The Elite Speakers Bureau, Imagine Publicity, or the Contact Page on this site.

Previous Engagements

  • 2014

    Antioch University Seattle - WA - Feb 2014

    North Carolina Justice Academy, NC - April 2014

    Joint Bases Lewis McChord Annual Domestic Violence Conference, WA - Oct 2014

  • 2013

    Safe Homes Event, GA - July 2013

  • 2011-2014

    City University of Seattle

    Masters of Arts Counseling Psychology

  • 2011

    Mariner High School-Edmonds, WA

    Lynnwood High School- Bothell, WA

    Cocoon House, Shelter for Teens- Everett, WA

  • 2010

    Mariner High School-Edmonds, WA

    Granite Falls Alt High School-Granite Falls, WA

    Lynnwood High School- Bothell, WA

    Aces High School- Everett, WA

    Sno-Isle Tech- Everett, WA

    Cocoon House, Shelter for Teens- Everett, WA

  • 2009

    Granite Falls Alt High School-Granite Falls, WA

    Everett, WA YMCA

    Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County-Child Victims of DV Support Group, WA

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